Arab Cup boosts hotel reservations

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Aurelio Giraudo is Giraudo Director of the Cluster for La Cigale Hotel and Banyan Tree Doha at La Cigale Mushaireb is run by the Accor

Doha 2021 FIFA ArabCupQatar not just provided an unforgettable experience for fans of football, but it also was a catalyst to increase hotel bookings across the nation. The hotels in the Qatar have experienced a massive rise in the bookings due to the current season’s FIFA ArabCupQatar. “We’ve seen an increase in bookings for the Doha’s Saudi, Omani and Kuwaiti market. As we approached the FIFA ArabCup, we saw a huge increase in the number of tourists who came towards Doha. There’s a significant number of fans who are who are moving towards Doha, “said Aurelio Giraudo the Director General of Banyan tree. La Cigale Hotel and Doha at La Cigale Mushaireb It is managed by Accor. It’s an island. “We believe for the Saudi market will continue to be in the same manner following the visit of SaudiKing Abdullah II who is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. It is expected that it to be the situation the Saudi schoolholidays will begin from the 16th day of January and will continue until the 3rd of February in the next year. We anticipate a significant amount of buyers in the period leading up until the next Saudi markets for the two properties that we own “he stated. The award was conferred the award in the name of HotelierMiddle East as Power 100GM in MiddleEast2021, Aurelio has more than 40 years of experience working at the top hotels providing top-of-the-line services, like Four Seasons, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Shangri-La, Marriott & Accor Group, Dusit Hotels & Resorts. 2021 FIFA ArabCupQatar, that concluded on the final day, witnessed an enormous attendance of fans local and international. An unprecedented number of 63,439 people were present for the quarter-final match of the quarter-final of the quarter-final game between Qatar along with their counterparts in the United Arab Emirates. To facilitate the experience for commuters and fans throughout this year’s Arab Cup, the Doha Metro could carry around100,000 daily trips on three lines. The Arab Cup saw 16 countries in the region, that comprised Africa as well as Middle East, play one another in a thrilling football match. In the hospitality sector, in the region has benefited greatly from this massive sporting event. The hotels across the nation have witnessed the increase on utilization. A significant number of guests came from neighboring countries. discussing the latest developments in the area of hospitality and hotel. Aurelio Giraudo stated that number of tourists entering the country from the nearby counties is growing. The number of visitors coming through SaudiArabia and the United Arab Emirates is increasing since the 1st quarter of this year. “These reservations (by tourists that are outside in SaudiArabia and the United Arab Emirates) can be made in a very short amount of duration. We’ve also scheduled the sales tour to Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Arabia markets and GCC for the next few dates. We also manage social media, digital and printed ads that be seen by those in the market “said Giraudo. “Social important media celebrities are frequent visitors to our locations in the areas. In the near future we’ll be working on a the joint venture of advertising Banyan Tree AlUla. BanyanTreeAlUla to further improve the image of our properties inside Saudi Arabia. Saudi market, “he added. The CEO has announced that he would be focusing on the food and beverages segment. Giraudo stated that beverages and food have witnessed an growth in sales over the last two years and in turn, significant changes have occurred. The market is shifting away from imitation, and towards the direction of leading of technology. We need to be creative in order to be different from the crowd in this marketplace. “We have events running all year long.” Michelin chef-rated (4 hands and six hands food experiences) as well as musical performances and celebrities’ events as well DJs from DJs of fame and stage performances. ” He made a declaration. He announces. “We are planning to offer vegan and organic menu of drinks and food in order to maximize the value from this type of. An event calendar is being developed at our hotels over the next couple of years. We’re thrilled to welcome visitors and residents to our hotels by offering the latest and most attractive deals “added Giraudo.

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