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We do not discover anything if we tell you that marriage is not easy. The person with whom we share our life is also the person with whom we feel most comfortable and with whom we have the most confidence. This is beautiful and wonderful but … sometimes it is discussed. All marriages argue . And do you know what is one of the star themes of those discussions? Exactly, the money. Money and marriage are two concepts that sometimes collide.

Sooner or later, in every marriage a friction arises because of money . This is one of the great concerns of the whole world and, therefore, one of the factors that more anxiety and stress can cause in people. If this discomfort is brought back to the home, it will end up generating a couple’s argument.

There are couples who decide to keep their accounts together . In this case, the income of both ends in the same current account and the expenses, common or not, are also deducted from that same account. But there are also couples whose union is only sentimental and not economic , so they keep the accounts of each one separately. What they usually do in this case is create a common account in which every month they enter an amount of money agreed in advance for household expenses.

As there are no two equal marriages, none of the options is better or worse than the other , that will depend on what each couple decides. It is clear that in case of divorce the first formula would complicate the separation a little, but it is also true that when you have children in common the individual management of money is very complex and does not make much sense.

Money and marriage, why do couples argue?

In general, there are a number of issues related to money that if not resolved properly can generate couple arguments. The most important are the following:

  1. One is thrifty and the other is not . It is the main reason for discussion and the most difficult to solve in what has to do with money and marriage. When in a marriage each party has a different view on how money should be managed, the discussion is a matter of time.
  2. One earns more than the other . This should not be a problem in the couple unless the one who wins the most is created with more economic “power” in the bosom of the family and reproaches the other; or that the one who earns less does not feel sufficiently self-realized and translates that problem to marriage.
  3. Only one is responsible for the finances of the family . If only one party to the marriage is in charge of the financial management of the household and the other party remains on the sidelines, tensions will arise. The domestic economy affects the entire family, so all members, including children, must be involved to the same extent.

In any case, to avoid couple arguments because of the money, it is best to sit down and talk openly about this matter. We must agree on short-term, medium-term and long-term economic objectives, determine which expenses are priorities, establish monthly budgets, specify a method of saving.