Successful cooperation of citizens with a commercial bank is usually a long-term relationship. The location of branches and ATMs is crucial when choosing a bank, but the final decision of the citizens how to choose a bank is often influenced by the attitude of employees towards customers.

It is not easy to make a decision about which bank to bind to. The safety and reliability of the bank as a financial institution and the adaptability of banking products and services to customers (privileges) are key factors.

One bank for life

One bank for life

It is important that a bank where we have open transaction accounts, debit loans, savings on savings, whose payment cards, internet or mobile banking we use, operates solvent and stable.

The hectic daily life, requirements at work, childcare, doctor visits, learning a foreign language, passing a driving test and similar obligations do not leave citizens with enough time to study and compare banks and their business conditions.

The choice of a particular bank often depends on the smallest details and it is extremely important that we feel comfortable in the bank. By the term employee of a bank employee we mean a professional, friendly person available for the information requested. Most often, the accessibility of the banker is the decisive criterion for choosing a bank.

Customers who are satisfied with the bank, the staff service and the range of banking products remain loyal to it for the rest of their lives. It is an unrivaled partnership. The bank is with us when we receive our first salary and last pension.

Do citizens choose banks or vice versa?

Do citizens choose banks or vice versa?

The diversity of banking products and services is increasing every day, and the goal is to reach a wider group of clients. Basically, the image and marketing of a commercial bank are tailored to a specific type of client.


It is especially important for retirees which date of the month their earnings will be placed in their current account. This detail is the motive for choosing a bank.

Citizens who are driven by long queues and waiting have resolved their frustrations by choosing E-Money Bank. The Bank has introduced a mobile redomat application that provides citizens with the option of booking an appointment, of their choice, to perform financial transactions at a branch. Clients are notified of their turn by mobile.

Public transport users in the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County receive a 10% discount on their purchase of general, primary, secondary, high school, student or retirement annual tickets.

At Privredna banka Zagreb, businessmen can use the service of transaction account management, financing of import-export business and factoring via the Internet.

According to tradition, banks perform the role of financial consulting and payment services. In recent times, banks have represented institutions dealing with a much wider range of financial services.

Finding out that some of the services they provide are valuable to their customers also encouraged banks to expand their banking services. Today, banks fully manage the cash of citizens and businesses and invest their liquid surpluses in deposits, securities, investment loans, monetary funds, pension funds and the like.

In recent years, we have been encountering products of insurance companies in bank branches. The guarantor payer as collateral for the loan repayment has been replaced by the loan beneficiary’s life insurance policy and the loan repayment insurance policy.

There is something for everyone in the wide selection of financial products that banks make available to citizens.

Citizens can use the products and services of banks at their own discretion, but with some monetary compensation; in the form of a one-time or multiple fees, interest rates, discounts, etc.

Interest on loans and deposits


Interest rates represent the cost of borrowing money, regardless of whether the client is in the role of borrower (borrower) or creditor (depositor).

In simple terms, the interest rate on loans shows how much more money a borrower needs to repay to a bank than the amount of money he or she borrowed.

Interest rate on time savings in HRK . The deposit amount is HRK 7,500.00 and the deposit period is 36 months:

Interest rate on the Lombard loan based on the redemption value of the policy . The loan amount is EUR 10,000.00 and the agreed repayment period is 5 years:

The interest rate on the contractual savings may partially or completely correct the negative effects of the fall in the real value of monetary assets due to the impact of inflation.